March of the Living 2023-2024 Application

Acceptance Agreement

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Mazal Tov/Congratulations! Now that you have been conditionally accepted to participate in Miami's Leo Martin March of the Living (MOTL) program, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and teens are required to complete and submit this acceptance paperwork. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and teens must go through the acceptance documents together to make certain that they understand all the conditions and variables of the program. 

 We suggest that Parent(s)/Guardian(s) complete these documents with their teen. The paperwork will take 15-25 minutes to complete.

I agree

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Local & Emergency Contacts

Please provide the names and telephone numbers of Two(2) emergency contacts (not parent/guardian) we can contact in case we are unable to reach the teen's parent(s). Miami's Leo Martin March of the Living staff will always try to reach Parent(s)/Guardian(s) before the emergency contacts. By providing this information, you indicate that these individuals have the right to make decisions on behalf of your child if Miami's Leo Martin March of the Living staff is unable to reach Parent(s)/Guardian(s) during the MOTL program.

Participant Consent Form
We Agree
Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Approach
We Agree